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The following PAR Score results are based on randomly selected stand-up comedy star performances from a variety of recognized stand-up comedy celebrities.

PAR (Positive Audience Response): Laughter, cheering or applause during a comedian's performance.

PAR Score: Ratio (percentage) of comedian's act filled with PAR (Performance time vs. measured PAR).

Headline level stand-up comedy material generates a minimum average of 18 seconds of laughter, cheering and/or applause for each performing minute (PAR Score 30 or 30% of each minute filled with laughter on average).

Note: PAR can increase for the exact same stand-up comedy material depending upon audience size. A larger audience usually means a greater PAR Score.

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Topic(s)/Stand-up Bit(s)

Performance Time Analyzed

Total PAR

Brenner, David

NY, LA 7.3 minutes 33

Carlin, George

Irish Catholic, Confessional 4.9 minutes 40

Cosby, Bill

Mothers 4.4 minutes 58

Dangerfield, Rodney

Cars, Lost 4.4 minutes 30

Hicks, Bill

Hooligans 3.9 minutes 54

Izzard, Eddie

Flying 6.5 minutes 39

Kinison, Sam

Kurds, Willie Nelson 4.2 minutes 47

Klein, Robert

Civil Defense 3 minutes 33

Newhart, Bob

Nude Police Lineup 3 minutes 33

Pryor, Richard

Heart Attacks 8.1 minutes 42

Rivers, Joan

Rock Stars, Men vs. Women 3.5 minutes 46

Schimmel, Robert

Theme Parks, Premature Ejaculation 7 minutes 52

Smothers Brothers

Tom Dooley 4.6 minutes 34

Williams, Robin

Lorena Bobbitt 4.8 minutes 44

Wright, Steven

Hitchhiking 2.2 minutes 43


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